Witchy Books Reading Challenge 2012

Following with 2012 challenges, I decided to join this reading challenge, since I love to read and I am pretty polygamus with books. I love to read book critics and I never wrote any comments on books myself, so maybe this will motivate me to start with that.

I’ll go for the Bookish Darling – 13 books, and change if it’s not enought.

This is a draft reading list:

The Cosmic Shekinah, Sorita D’este and David Rankine

Wicca Magickal Beggining, Sorita D’este and David Rankine

The Red Tent, Anita Diamant , Fiction

The cult of divine birth in ancient Greece, Marguerite Rigoglioso, History

Kabbalah, Magick and the Great Work of Self Transformation, Lyan Thomas Christopher, Pratical Magick

Antígona, Sófocles, Classic Drama