Dream journals, magic journals or books of shadows, are highly valued by most traditions. It is the only way to measure the progress and to keep the experiences of our magical practices and dream without trusting just our memory.

Some people keep the journal private, and some publish them on blogs. For magic the last option is not very accepted because it break the silence rule, adhere by many, but a dream or a poetry journal can be kept public, maybe without risk, unless we write to much private content.

In my case I keep a diary in a notebook with my practices, and a virtual diary in my computer. In the first one I write mi rituals and instructions about them, in the second one my dreams, omens and just everyday life stuffs.

There is some people that really transform their book of shadow on an art piece, with designs, pictures, and decoration. I’m not that kind of people, but I love to see some others work.

For me to write is a big challenge, I am not very use to it, since I studied physic, and it takes me always a lot of time.

But there is nothing better than being able to read and see the progress!