Healing Ceremony

First, I want to make clear that a Healing Ceremony is not a treatment or therapy for any disease nor psychic, nor physic.

A Healing Ceremony might be performed in different occasions:

1) While starting/ finishing a healing process.

2) While being diagnose of an untreatable or chronic disease.

3) While having symptoms and still not find an official diagnose.

The purposed of a Healing Ceremony is to ask the Goddesses, Gods and guides of the person for help, guidance, inspiration and support during the journey of healing or the seeking of it, or to thanks at the end of the process.

It might be a Ritual performed by the person alone or might be a Ceremony lead by a priest/ess or leader with or without public.

The ceremony might be done under the will of the person if adult (or late teen) or under the will of the parents, and arrange beforehand so the priest/ess and the receiver can discuss every detail.

We can choose an adequate moon phase for the ceremony.

Beginning of a treatment: New Moon as sign of a starting point.

While being diagnose of an untreatable or chronic disease: New moon as the start of a new life.

Seeking diagnoses: Crescent or Full Moon, we want to increase our knowledge, communication, etc about our condition.

End of a disease: Waning Moon as a farewell of the disease and letting go.

The ceremony might be performed in nature or in a room, we can arrange an altar for a healing deity as Brighid, Mercury, Isis, etc and use appropriate colors and correspondences for the decoration. We might want to make a talisman or an amulet that the person can carry afterwards or charge any object as a crystal or a cloth that the person might wear during the healing time.

A General Structure of the Ceremony:

-Cleaning of the space and of the assistants, by smudging or water. A Banishing ritual might be performed.

-A grounding ritual for all of the assistants or the setting of a circle of protection.

– Calling in of the deities, elementals and spirits that will assist the healing.

– The person is held on the space to rest and receive the energies that have being called. People can give the sick healing through hands , the use of crystals and sounds. The pries/tess might want to embody the God/dess to bring healing or might want to do some oracle for the person. Other activities like dance and singing can be added. It is also time to charge the objects as amulets.

-Once the ‘active’ part of the healing is finished the person is allowed to relax.

– Farewell to the deities, elementals and spirits. Solving the sacred space or circle created before.

– A meal might be shared at the end.