Some games are traditionally mixed with pagan culture. The apple bobbing in Samhain is a kind of ritual game.

There is a traditional Spanish and then South American game called Luche (Chile), Rayuela (Argentina) and Tejo (Spain) that is beleived was inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy and so it is a way to go up the stairs of heaven through the seven heavens.

To play this game you can draw the pattern in the floor, and with a stone that represents the soul you start with the first case, you throw the stone there and then jump inside to catch it and this will be repeat withe every case, the stone should not fall out the picture or over a divisor line, and the person should jump with just one foot in the case of 1-4-7 and 10. In the others the player can rest with both feet. Many people can play alternating each time and the one that arrives first to the sky wins.

image from wikimedia commons