Difficult for me to define is the idea of fellowship, brotherhood, sisterhood, and other fraternity words used to describe a group from the same religion, cult or spiritual practice.

For me it feels a bit wrong to call brother or sister someone out of my family. I just have one biological brother and my relationship with him have nothing to do with the one of my ‘tribe’. I like the platonic idea of philia and agape. Agape was a world for love for the others and humanity, including sacrifice for the good of others and unconditional love, it was later used by Christians as God’s love and as a world for the share of a meal, the mass. Philia is a wide terminology for friendship, the love of cooperation for sake of some common interest or goal.

For me a fellowship is not a group of friends, and I am not necessarily a friend of the members of my tribe, but the relationship can be intimate and plenty of love and feelings, so it is a strong bound with people.

I can’t compare the relationship with my fellows with that of friendship, friends are people I want to share with, and there is a desire about it. In the tribe the desire is for something else in first place, and I share this desire with the others, but not because I am interested in having a relationship, this comes natural.

Sometimes seems unfair for me to be in this kind of relationship experience, that seems to be unreal, not because it does not exist, but because we relate under certain rules, much clearer than rules in the outer life, that can be changeable or different for everyone, and so relationship seems to be more easy and safe.

But out of that, fellowship seems to be necessary to build long lasting projects, it seems the best way to give some stability to a group practice, to give a sense of responsibility to each one, combined with an affective relationship. Although I feel spirituality is not the place to look for affection, agape, transference or love are a part of the many projections we experience on that play.