Is confession a pagan activity? Certainly it is not. Most of us know confession is a catholic rite. Beyond that confession have an important presence present time.

Michel Foucault in his history of sexuality point out that while many societies (China, Japan, Rome and Muslims) developed what he call an ars erotica, our modern occidental society developed a scientia sexualis.

Ars erotica was define by pleasure itself, and had nothing to do with forbidden or allowing any behavior. As a practical knowledge it had to remain secret, not because it was as a taboo, but to preserve it virtue. Intimacy is a virtue, it is a virtue in sexual relationship and it is also a virtue in magical and spiritual practice. Not everything need to be said or publish, it is not about hiding and remaining in the dark it is about respecting the secret, the unmentionable. This is the context of relationship in a pagan community and it is the environment where initiation can take place.

By contrast, our modern civilization is permeated with confession, starting at the ritual confession of intimacy,  continuing in medical confession on the psychoanalytical couch, and further on. Confession became the way to validate something as truth and today many people confess through medias, social networks and books about personal experiences. I am not criticizing the use of technology as a way to communicate; we know it is a helpful platform where pagans can gather. I am just saying that we have being raised with the idea that we must always express everything in order to get rid of that, but the world is not a therapy room, and it is not necessarily healthy to expose ourselves completely. Confession hides a power outside of us, confession occurs between ourselves and someone else, it can’t happen if we are all alone. We shall care for our sacred space to be a place for ourselves, for our own pleasure, and not for a public or a group of followers.


Michel Foucaul, History of Sexuality.