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Journey to Avalon

See, See the mists,

Do not be afraid of what you cannot see,

It is just a soft veil of confusion

Do not fear to step into the boat

The waters sustain you more than you think,

Feel the movement and let yourself go,

Morgan la Fey came for you,

She invited to step forward,

¿Are you ready?

And the journey started,

You cannot stop it once the movement start,

You can’t see anything, there is nothing attaching you to the coast.

Nothing, just fog, just moisture,

Until the priestess said the magic words

And part the mist for you to see,

and so you see.

There is the island, the isle of Death,

There are my ancestors,

There is the Orchard of magic apples

There are the fairies,

And where is the Lady?

What Lady?

I came for Her.

So you should have stayed where you were, she is everywhere.

And why I came?

Because you never approach the Goddess directly,

The journey is for you to get use to Her.

And then you won’t need anymore journey,

You will just need yourself.

You will carry Avalon inside.


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