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I always wondered why Iona was such a sacred place, as an historic place for monastic life and Keltic Christianity. Dion Fortune mentioned the island as a special place where energies collides. So do Kathy Jones relating the Island to Brighid.

Anyway, I got My answer. Yes, not a reasonable one, but an aesthetic one.

Why Christians came to live in such an “isolated” place, what is special there apart from this ancient Christian site.

My answer is  trivial and dogmatic ,Iona is the closest place to the Isle of Staffa, the one tha inspired Mendenlsson to compose the Fingal Cave overture.

And Staffa is just a wonderful place, no words to describe the beauty of the place, and as the Island has no water, there were never human settlement, so it is one of those nature wonders not build up by man.


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