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Beltane is a challenging time for most of us, challenging not because it is about love and couple, but because it is a moment of crossroad and a possibility of transformation. As it is the opposite celebration to Samhain, Beltane brings the mirror of the ‘other’ where we can see ourselves in different ways, and it challenges us to transform but in a more visible way than the inward transformation of Samhain. Instead of calling ancestors and move inside ourselves, Beltane is a better opportunity to look at the people around us and deal with the way to give and receive from them in a harmonious way.

Beltane is a good moment to honor our decisions, the path we chose and the path we leave behind. We can call Rhiannon to bless us on the moments of crossroads, and we remember that everyday we are choosing our relationships, we are everyday assenting or neglecting to be with others and any commitment we do is under our entire freedom.

We can celebrate Beltane by walking in the woods and give offerings on a crossroad to Rhiannon, Olwen or Elen, and ask the Goddess to embrace us during the painful decision of transform our life by starting or finish a relationship.

We can also celebrate in group with a Beltane Fire, dance, music and food, to celebrate the pleasure of living in a physical body, it is a good time for doing oracle for others as it is the time of mirrors and reflections.

To be able to look at the others is something that takes us out of our Narcissism, especially when we are used to turn inward and we just like to look at ourselves. We can know ourselves through others, through listening and sharing.


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