Follow me

This is kind of an ironic post maybe. Follow me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, follow the leader, the prophet, what are the modern way we follow some others ideas, thoughts and expressions about themselves.

I imagine the early days when prophets where followed during their preaching activities, a long road, so they can get to every town and door, Christians, Budhist, Islamics, all of them followed prophets like that and spread their doctrine walking, travelling, speaking, a journey that was not to know the place where you get, but to show the people of that place what you heard or saw somewhere else.

In that times to follow a religion required to move somewhere else, to leave the house of our parents, Lech lecha, as Hashem said to Abraham.

Today a religion do not need us to move anywhere, unless we live in a country where religion is forbidden, we can practice Kemetic religion in South America and Wicca in Japan if we want, Buddhist in Europe and Christian in the Philippines. We can get in touch with whatever elder we want on the web and perhaps we do not need to convert anyone else. Or do we need it?

This is a question for me, why we spread our pagans believes, it is to inform? to convert? Do we really want a world with more paganism or we want to stay as a minority group? Do we really care, or it is not a matter of numbers?

Wicca is possibly one of the most popular neopagan religions and from the beginning it does not do proselytize. I do not know what was the original reason for that, but I suppose it have something to do with the theory that people are called, and with called I mean an inner call, rather than someone calling at your door.

But what is the limit, because most of pagans do not work in secret and publish a lot of information, run workshop and do public events with publicity and all that. Where is the limit between showing that we actually exist and propaganda?

I do not have the answer to that question. I do not think that publicity is innocent, not after seeing that most people drink Coke, but, at the same time, I do not think it is the same to put and advert on a newspaper, than to go knock somebody’s door and talk to them about your believes. I really like to gather with some other people with same interest, although I’m do not want to force someone. We can’t stop paganism to become something fashionable, especially with the influence of cinema and fantasy books. And somehow the aesthetic of symbols and archetypes is one of the ways we are call to a path, so part of an artistic influence is expected.