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ALETHEIA was a daemona or Goddess of truth and sincerity in Greek mythology.

The word aletheia (Αληθεια) is related to Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, one of the five rivers of Hades, that flowed from the cave of Hypnos. Those who drank from that river will forget everything before being reincarnated.

So Aletheia is not just the simple truth, it refers to the act of un-forget, it is the act of remembering what was forgot.

In modern days, the word Aletheia was revive by philosopher M. Heiddeger with the meaning of “unhiddenness”, inspired in the cave analogy as a way to explain the truth. This truth or aletheia, just have sense if there is something hide under a veil and man can produce or extract that truth by provoking nature ,par example with modern technology.

Most pagans, and I include myself, state that neopaganism intend to remember or revive a past that was buried beneath the stones of the church or other political powers. So probably what we try to do, is to find the antidote to this forgetfulness of Lethes.

“A man was journeying in the wilderness and he found Veritas standing there all alone. He said to her, ‘Ancient lady, why do you dwell here in the wilderness, leaving the city behind?’ From the great depths of her wisdom, Veritas replied, ‘Among the people of old, lies were found among only a few, but now they have spread throughout all of human society!”

Aesop, Fables 531

This fable ilustrate the idea of a decay from a golden age, a kind of nostalgia of a better past.

We certainly know our new forms of paganism are not equal to the ancient paganism, even in reconstructionist paths.

What we can state is that paganism is a way of unveiling the truth, of showing what was hidden, certainly paganism was always present in history or mythology, but practice was not public for a long time. Maybe what we do is just another technology  to unveil our own aletheia, maybe that is why we take so many elements from modern science and psychology. Maybe we are just coming out of the cave. ¿Who knows?



3 responses to “Aletheia

  1. A very interesting and thoughtful post – great start to PBP.

  2. foxdreams

    Fascinating post, looking forward to more from you.

  3. Michele

    Alethia was a Goddess I wasn’t familiar with. Interesting article!

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