Flame Keeper

For years I’ve being keeping the flame of Avalon, a ritual that connect me to other Lady’s lovers all over the world.

Recently I received the flame of Brighid (which is also contained in the flame of Avalon) and I’m keeping them separate now. I also joined the Ord Brighideach to keep in touch with other keepers of the flame of Brighid.

In the beginning I tried to keep the flame 24 hours, even if I left it alone, inside a water recipient. Now I do not feel that right for me, I prefer to meditate and keep the flame consciously all the time, not when I’m sleeping or working in something else, even if it is a short moment, it is more significant to me.

I think the practice of flame keeping is a very simple one, so everyone can do, and helps for communication between the people of a group, related to a cause or Deity.

A candle  flame have the quality of being ‘alive’ in a way, and we can understand the flame sometimes as the Deity  her/himself as being dancing and breathing, sharing space with us.